July 2018 ยท 3 minute read

ASEA products have been the subject of much debate to say the least. Not so much in ‘main stream’ arenas’ but certainly in the new health care/nutrient/supplement products and Multi-level Marketing (MLM) or Internet Marketing environments. In a nut shell, there seems to be little ‘definitive’ proof one way or another to prove the verisimilitude of each camps’ claims. I can tell you on a personal note… I’m rooting for team ASEA. There is 16 years of science behind the technology that turns water into wine.. i.e. saltwater into a revitalizing nutritional supplement.

The issue here is we know there is science backing ASEA but the ‘lack’ of clinical trials, endorsements from leading physicians or other ‘reputable’ organizations is… at best… scarce. Or the marketing method the founders decided to implement, closely resemble that of pyramid scams: only lends fuel to fires spread by the ‘the great saltwater hoax, nay-sayers’ when they pontificate their opinions regarding the flagship product.

Then again, if ASEA Water of the ASEA corporation decided to make a quick buck and sell it to ‘mainstream’ pharmaceutical companies there would be more press on the subject. However, the FDA approves many ‘health’ products without really testing products for any length of time, if at all for that matter. Why do you think you see so many class action law suits against this miracle product X and that miracle product B? So despite the ‘ingredients’ clearly stated on the bottle, the science of activating the reactive (redox) signaling molecules is a closely guarded, proprietary secret with numerous patents filed on its behalf.

The introduction of ASEA to the alternative health market is still in its infancy. People are quick to jump on the band wagon and lay felonious claims to the real benefits of the product. We understand it purports to reduce oxidative stress, boost antioxidant efficiency by 500% and aid in cell rejuvenation and or replacement. Yet, without more support from the medical/scientific community, getting the product out to the masses presents many challenges.

ASEA has been released and tested in select groups; namely athletes and other physically active consumers and the results thus so far have been positive. Reports indicate they feel better, recover from strenuous activities like running or cycling quicker than they did previous to taking ASEA. Others state they sleep better, have a more renewed sense of being and look healthier; more refreshed and active. Some have said they’ve taken the product felt better than filled the bottle with saltwater and got the same results. Who to believe?

Well, they say proof is in the pudding. If you’re interested in getting to the truth of the matter, i.e. your truth, do some research of your own and or try it. After all, there is a money back guarantee so what have you got to lose? Keep an open mind and don’t let the hype from either camp sway you. Friends of mine where that were skeptical are now convinced. Enough said.