July 2018 ยท 3 minute read

A lot of people use blogs to write about their own personal experiences, to communicate with their friends and family, especially if they live far away and of course to advertise products and services. That’s precisely why some people today believe them as an online journal or diary and many others as a very effective advertising tool.
What anybody writing a blog ought to know however is that with some very easy steps they could actually begin to earn an income from their blog and it does not really matter if it is a private journal or diary type site or a blog being used specifically to promote goods and services, the practice is exactly the same. It actually doesn’t take much effort to do this either and is quite straightforward to set up, particularly if you are using possibly Googles’ Blogger or WordPress to publish your blogs.
So what are the actions that you need to take to monetize your blog.
There are a number of websites that desperately want to use your site to place their ads and they are prepared to cover you for the privilege, probably the most famous company that does that is Google with their AdSense campaigns. You will need to enroll with these companies and set up an account which tells them how they could pay you, who you are and where you live . But once that’s done Make Money Blogging ’s only a matter of following a few straightforward instructions for activating their ads on your site. AdSense pays you each time their advert is clicked on, but don’t be tempted to click on your own ads as you will find yourself quickly banned from participating in the program.

Affiliate Relationships

Lots of companies are seeking affiliate connections either directly or through affiliate marketing companies. Affiliate Window is a fantastic example of a business which works out of the UK and can help you apply and organize affiliate agreements with many different online businesses quite frequently with a traditional high street presence as well, folks like B&Q, John Lewis, Boots the Chemist and so forth. Typically you may set what are called advertising banners on you site or if you find that too intrusive is may be a simple link that includes a reference back to you as the origin of the traffic that you send their way. If people purchase products after seeing their website from the connection then you are going to receive some commission.

This is an even easier method of advertising, what happens in this example is the company (once you’ve copied their code to your site ) examines your posting and determine what they call keywords or phrases. They highlight these words and phrases and flip them into a hyperlink that takes your visitor to a sponsored site offering services or products related to that phrase, but only if your visitor clicks on the hyperlink. Again you are able to earn a living from the amount of clicks which are made from your website. This is probably the least intrusive method as they’re in fact using the words you have written and embed the advert within those words. Konterra is an example of a company which works in this way.